О2ТV – First Young People’s TV channel

O2TV is the first young people's TV channel in Russia. O2TV is owned by Mediaholding Group of Companies.

We have been operating successfully in the young TV viewers’ segment for five years now, and over this time we have achieved some important results: O2TV has the ability to reach over 30 million viewers in 3,000 cities and towns.

O2TV is represented in the networks of such companies as Rostelecom, NCN, Akado, Qwerty, BeeLine-TV and through IPTV services of other providers. The company’s total viewership in the Russian capital exceeds 11 million viewers. Online broadcasting of the channel is also made on such major portals and video hostings as Mail.ru, RuTube.ru, and the official website of the television channel.

   Our audience is mainly comprised of active and promising young people aged 16 to 35 years.

We operate as an entertainment media resource. The channel’s main focus is on cinema, music, travel, sports, society, gadgets, Internet, games, to mention just a few. Every day we broadcast a host of new clips, advertisements, news reports on events, featuring celebrities and current topics.

   Our key operating principle is interactivity. Most of our programs involve getting feedback from viewers.  O2TV is truly a TV channel where the viewers make the content!

   The company possesses its own production base, with more than 1,000 hours of original content per year. 

The shares of our company have been listed on the Moscow Exchange (MICEX) since July 2008.

We strive to cultivate a high level of corporate governance.

We greatly appreciate our investors, shareholders and partners and maintain an information policy which hinges on openness and transparency.

   Our website features a wide array of materials which are important and interesting for media representatives, our partners, and members of the investment community.