About our business

  О2TV television channel broadcasts an uncoded signal which is rebroadcast by regional operators.

  O2TV’s broadcasting principle can be summed up as follows: the signal is elevated to a Yamal 201 satellite which covers nearly the entire territory of Russia and CIS countries. Operators located within this coverage area capture the signal and rebroadcast O2TV’s signal.

  The main monetization principle for the audience of the television channel this way is the sale of advertising time.
Aside from its own broadcasting, O2TV independently generates content. At present, O2TV produces over 1,000 hours of original content per year.
   Our television channel is equipped with its own powerful transmission facilities. These capabilities are growing steadily through the procurement of new equipment and the construction of universal studios.
   Using the most advanced television production technologies makes it possible for the channel to offer HD-quality broadcasting and recordings.
   The TV channel has the technical capability to take footage from a satellite, and to receive or transmit a signal via fiber-optic cable.